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Saillans : discovery of an antique wine-making exploitation

In 2011, preventive archaeological excavations carried out in Saillans, revealed vestiges of a huge wine-making exploitation, including a large storeroom (27m long) with several marks of dolia for storing wines. That has proved the presence of the viticulture since the 1st and 2nd Century A.D. in Saillans : Clairette de Die established it's pedigree !

In a second time, these dolia were replaced with barrels, devised by the Celts. 

These wine-buildings were converted according to needs and were occupied from all the Lower Empire to the Middle Age ; medieval ovens were discovered.

This very significant discovery has revealed an important wine-growing activity and confirm what Pliny the Elder wrote in his «Histoire Naturelle» in 77 A.D. by already praising the natural sparkling and the flavour of the wine of the Voconces (the former inhabitants of the Region of Die). 

In the past, this wine was called Aigleucos, the Voconces used to plunge the wine containers, at the beginning of fermentation, into the mountain torrents in order to keep the bubbly as long as possible. This was the beginning of the Ancestral Method !