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We work with the constant concern to protect and respect our vineyards, our soils, our health and one of our customers and of course the environment.

Since 1997, we have certified the totality of our vineyard in Biological Agriculture that is 15 hectares. Our passion for the ground, our vineyards and our wines naturally led us to officialize and to continue the work which my father started on the vines. We thus cultivate without chemical fertilizers, without weed-killers and without chemicals of synthesis.

What could be more beautiful than working its wines, bringing organic enriching, having life in its soil !

The restoring of the biodiversity improves the sanitary state and the resistance of the vines to the diseases and insects causing damage. This biodiversity combined with low yields allows to get very good quality grapes.

Certified and controlled by ECOCERT


Our vineyard mainly expands over the village of Saillans, the Mecca of the appellation, it's 270 meters height, surrounded with mountains, sheltered from the wind, taking advantage of the micro climate, with warm days and cool nights, brings an exceptional balance to our sparkling wines.

The work of the vines is very hard and dangerous as our vineyards are mainly planted on steep and rocky hillsides but these very steepest slopes bring a constant quality and very good maturities.

The clayey calcareous and marly ground brings to our Muscat grapes, elegance and fruity ; to the Clairette and Chardonnay grapes, mineral taste and fineness and into the Aligoté grapes, all its freshness and its lightness.